Paragliding in Nepal

Pokhara? I took a canoe out on the lake at sunset, watched lots of paragliders come down from the ridge backlit from the annapurnas alpenglow. So beautiful. Paddled across the lake and got beer from a store in the top right of your photo,

Nathaniel Coleman sending Crown Jewel in Tahoe

I think the video shows the problem far better than the picture I’m afraid, the sweep of rock in the foreground isn’t a patch on the backdrop to the right of the boulder (although I appreciate the steepness and ‘wow’ factor of cutting loose

The Cutting Edge (before it broke) Squamish

>How? It’s a granite boulder that saw a ton of traffic. People forget that granite breaks all the time here. >Did anyone get hurt? Not sure, but given that the broken hold is two feet off the ground I doubt it. >etc? [Here’s a

One arm hang from crane

All of the stuff he does is actually relatively easy, maybe except the hanging by his legs(one leg, for that matter). I think hes got a lot of balls though, to do what he does. I would never do the same thing unless Ive

Rack on Lost Arrow Spire

The photographer’s name is [Alexandre Buisse]( Please give credit where it is due, especially for amazing works of art like this one.

Times Square

Boots n’ pants n’ boots n’ pants n’ boots n’ pants n’ Boots n’ pants n’ boots n’ pants n’ boots n’ pants n’ Boots n’ pants n’ boots n’ pants n’ boots n’ pants n’ Boots n’ pants n’ boots n’ pants n’

A 1,148 foot long water slide in South Korea

Explain my misunderstanding I assume? 1148 feet sounds like a long way, because it’s in the thousands! I think in ‘proper’ units (metric/SI) and I don’t have any idea about imperial units, I don’t even try to think how big they are because they

Base jumping from 492 feet high dam in Switzerland. Photo by: Vadimir Mahorov

I actually found out today that the dam from Goldeneye is in Switzerland and I was standing on top of it not knowing [Photo 1]( [Photo 2](]) [Apparently I’m just an unobservant idiot](


I’d argue that the mercury missions are where the US space program was taking the biggest risks. By Apollo 11 we had a lot of time to figure out how to safely travel to and from space, but a lot of the earlier missions
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