Godwin Glacier, Alaska

[Here](http://bblog.brendanburden.com/post/129144715847/godwin-glacier-alaska-what-a-day-this-was-i) are a few more from the same hike.

Rafael Ortiz at Big Banana Waterfall

I can’t say this as someone who’s run any large drops but I’ve been kayaking for a long time and watched plenty of large drops run and stared at large enough drops that I can usually tell if a waterfall is runnable and see

John Bachar, Reed’s Direct

I dry heaved while belaying my second up Reed’s. This was after I pulled / sat on pieces up the entire second half of the pitch. It was not as pretty as he is making it look in this photo.

Iceland Ice Cave

or for that matter why is he wearing a harness? Im guessing they were on their way to climb a fang and stopped to ice boulder on this wall

Skydiving – Exit Rush

Heck yeah dude…First time I went skydiving, it was a tandem jump since you need a license and all that to skydive alone here. When he opened the plane door, and got to the edge, I had the deer in the headlights look and

Hippie Dreams 5.7, New River Gorge, West Virginia

From MountainProject.com: “I put up this route one weekend with a sore tendon while all my friends were climbing. It just looked like a great beginning climb with great moves and good holds. The name comes from a beautiful young hippie girl that offered

Gotta love Arkansas.

Lincoln is defiantly a good beginner spot. You should also check out Horse Shoe Canyon, they have all kinds of climbing out there. Or come visit us over at LCP Climbing Gym! 20 min from the U of A, great little hidden gym of
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