Pelican Arete (v0 HB) Goat Rock, California

This was the place that got me interested in climbing! About 4 years ago, my dad and I took a road trip down the coast of California. Stumbled across these boulders on a hike, couldn’t resist scrambling up the easier stuff when I saw

My Winter Toy

Ah, that’s awesome, good for you. I’m from Ontario, moved to saskatchewan a couple of months ago, hoping to eventually find some work in BC. Man is it ever beautiful out there. I hope you enjoy every minute of life out there.


I don’t know and I don’t want anything to change. I only asked because it was rumoured that the reason they removed the FMX best trick event from the following summer games was due to his death.

Crazy kayak diving from a huge waterfall

For those not aware, the record previous to that was 98 feet set by Tao Berman back in like 2002 or something ridiculous. Someone may have set a record at around 120 feet, but either way.. The 189feet drop will be around for a

Skier racing an avalanche. Photo by Garrett Grove

Any snow athlete knows you don’t try outrun an avalanche. No amount of adrenaline in the world could force me to even try. They **are** faster than you. This picture was taken just as the snow ‘cracked’ and an avalanche is *about* to start.

Enjoying some free fall in a kayak

It depends on one’s angle of entry and the fluffiness of the landing. This drop is strange as one side has a harder hit and the other side is relatively soft. The greener the water is in the landing, the more likely it will


I guess it’s because it’s not regulated as strictly as other things, because 1: when people think of things the government should look into this doesn’t pop up all that much in comparison to other things. Yes it’s a huge issue, it’s just not

First time Skydiving. Unreal

It depends on your personality. For me it was a bit underwhelming. I was expecting a once in a lifetime type experience. It was, but once it was over it didn’t seem like that big of a deal. You jump out of the plane.

Sexy Chris Sharma & Dailia Ojeda!

A few more:

The Worlds Highest Rock Climbing Wall GIF

I was referring to free soloing with a parachute generally. If you’ve seen Valley Uprising, you know that climbing is getting pushed further and further to its limits. Free solo is a way to distinguish yourself, but just isn’t safe enough for most people.

My buddy highlining in Big Sur, CA.

Bixby can’t be highlined, well it could but the rangers would shut it down immediately because it is too visible from the road. This bridge is before bixby if you’re coming from Monterey, and has no visibility from the road, you just have to
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