Descending a couloir at sunset (OC)

[Fancy word for “sliding down on your ass,” (though you can also do it on your feet).]( It can be a more dangerous way to descend, but it’s usually much quicker, much easier, and a lot more fun.


That’s not a wing. It’s clearly a soft sail. You can see its natural curve just above the boom, and you can see it fed into the mast. Edit; Lots of downvotes for posting facts; Have a look at this picture then, and try

Harry Main Barrel Roll

[Higher-resolution version]( 1,827 kB (1,920 x 1,200) 268% ^(smcanarchy [OP] may directly remove this comment by clicking) [^here.](

Cam Zink at the Red Bull Rampage

Yes you’re correct about telephoto lenses compressing distance, but the helicopter is behind the biker compared to us. So you can get an estimate of the distance between the two by comparing thier scale. So putting the clues together, id say he has plenty

Red Rock Cliff Jump, 82 feet

It’s pretty easy to make these shots- its a lot easier if you have the camera stationary when you’re bursting. I’ve found in photoshop, once you have the background image, just select roughly around just the parts of the image that are moving, reverse

Kiril Bederoni dropping a cliff

I just want to point out that on Rampage riders are usually using full on downhill bike with 190-230 mm of travel. Kiril here is using a slopestyle bike with 125 mm of travel and 130 mm travel fork, which is nowhere as comfortable

Alex Johnson crushed The Swoop in Red Rocks

The problem with this picture is that digital cameras don’t have the same dynamic range as the human eye, so to make it look more natural you have to bring it into photoshop and use the HDR filter, **[like this](**.

Because stairs are SOOO mainstream.

I called a place that sells holds because I was going to do something like this in an enclosed stairwell. The guy on the other end of the phone wouldn’t sell me holds, and made a really convincing argument why this is always a

Cerro Meliquina, Chile

I did it as a gap year, and it worked out to be about the same cost and credits as two semesters of school. That said, the types of credits they give you aren’t really going to put you in the direction of a

over the water

We did something pretty similar in Rayleigh Thailand, it was called deep water solo and the equivalent of something like $50 AUD per person per day. They take you out to places like this to climb, feed you lunch, then you climb some more