Backwash made these boys her Bitch. While taking a few photos on King Island (Tasmania) i was lucky enough to catch this. This is my first reddit post.. How did I go popping my cherry?

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Great photo!

Some quick semantics

* [OS] is used for Original Source. Usually this is used when a poster is making sure that their link credits the right person or website, but isn’t usually used when the the poster actually took the photo. Since this is YOUR photo, you might go with [OC] instead, meaning Original Content.

* I’m not quite sure what your numbers are in the parentheses. Normally that space is used for the resolution of the photo. So instead of the (240×240) that your title has, consider using the (3,666×2,064), which is the resolution of your photo.

* Good work on adding the location/context though too

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