Top 1000 Adrenaline Pictures

Rafael Ortiz at Big Banana Waterfall

I can’t say this as someone who’s run any large drops but I’ve been kayaking for a long time and watched plenty of large drops run and stared at large enough drops that I can usually tell if a waterfall is runnable and see

Skydiving – Exit Rush

Heck yeah dude…First time I went skydiving, it was a tandem jump since you need a license and all that to skydive alone here. When he opened the plane door, and got to the edge, I had the deer in the headlights look and

Hitting the eject button at Teahupoo

that specific wave has so much power behind it and picks up so quickly that even while riding it, it is hard not to get sucked “up” the wave. i assume this guy just barely didnt make the drop as the wave broke and

Sand skiing in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

My thoughts precisely! I was thinking that if your eat shit and get snow in your clothes, no biggie. You’re maybe wet for a bit and then you’re ok. You eat shit and get sand in your clothes, all that leads to is chaffing.

Foot selfie!

the fisheye makes it look like your other foot is twisted 180 degrees… took me a minute to figure that one out. I was like… “lord jesus.. he’s going to land a parachute with his leg all twisted like that?”
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