Flying high in the SoCal sky makes me smile.

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I am a motorcyclist as well and there’s no way in hell I’d get on the road without a helmet. It is a personal choice whether to wear one. But in skydiving, as in biking, it is considered a poor decision not to. Here are just a few reasons to have one…

* Wind in my hair? No thank you. I fall between 120 and 180 mph depending on my body position. I have skydived at those speeds with no helmet and it truly tangles a girls hair to shreds. I don’t want to go bald so I’ll wrap my hair in a gaiter and then tuck it in the helmet.
* Wind is loud as shit at 180mph. It distracts me from what I am doing. Depending on the type of biking your doing, you are going *way* slower than me. Falling to earth is not some leisurely ride.
* It holds skydiving equipment like a camera or audible device that beep at certain altitudes.
* Warmth on cold days. In the winter it is sometimes -30 degrees F at altitude. People without helmets are just asking for wind burn.
* Sometimes we go through clouds and rain. They are painful. They’re are like tiny pointy daggers that leave physical welts on your body/face.
* It is required on airplane takeoff and below 1.5k feet. If the jump plane crashes (as they’re known to do occasionally) you’re more likely to die without one.
* Avoiding that whole death thing….I’d rather not collide and knock myself out against the plane, other skydivers, etc. There’s plenty of times a skydiver has kicked another in the face knocking their teeth out or worse. Hit your head on the plane door/wing/person on the way out, pass out, fall to earth and die? Not so much fun. Caveat: these helmets protect very little against high speed impacts like cratering the ground.

Is that enough common sense yet or do I need to keep going?

PS – Motorcycling is statistically far more dangerous than skydiving. I’ll let Darwin know your application is almost ready.

Edit: I keep coming up with more awesome points to make

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