White Lines V8, Donner Summit, Lake Tahoe area

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I know The Nazgul, sent it last Spring after 4yrs of effort. It’s a high stand start, you need to stack pads or use the rock pile at the base. The starting crimps are good if you have skinny fingers and even then there’s only one good spot and you have to choose pointer or middle finger on the right hand. Ok starting feet, you move up left to a shallow crimp, there are a few options but the closest hold is best imo. 3rd move is crux, what worked for me was a high left foot and then to go again with the left hand to the next obvious high crimp. Move the right hand up to an identical crimp out right. Set your feet high and dyno further then you think to a bomber flat ledge jug, match it, mantle and you’re on top. You can inspect the holds from above without too much trouble, there is a V0 on the other side. I’ve seen alt beta too. Watched a super strong guy go from the start to the high right crimp. You can also do the first left hand move then aim for the high right crimp instead of bumping again with the left. 2 pads and a spotter is sufficient to protect a fall, good luck.

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